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Marshalltown mental health specialists...

Ardent Community Wellness Center’s Iowa therapist team includes:

  • Licensed Clinical Social Workers
  • Marriage and Family Therapists
  • Licensed Professional Counselors
  • Certified Drug and Alcohol Counselors.

Each of these professional mental health workers has received specialized training and education. They are all able to provide counseling for you.
All of these professional mental health workers have received university training and are subject to strict clinical regulations as to their practice.

Licensed Clinical Social Workers

Social workers can help you cope with problems such as abuse, poverty, addiction, and mental illness. They can help connect you with other service providers who can help you (e.g. they can tell you how to obtain meal passes if you have financial needs), and they can help empowering you to meet your own needs going forward. Our social workers are also trained in counseling.

Marriage and Family Therapists

Marriage and family therapists are trained in psychotherapy. This means they diagnose and treat mental and emotional disorders using psychological methods (e.g. counseling) rather than medical means. They take into account the influence of family systems (e.g. how your parents influenced you and how that affects how you relate to your partner or your children).

Licensed Professional Counselors

Licensed Professional Counselors are master's-degreed mental health service providers, trained to work with individuals, families, and groups in treating mental, behavioral, and emotional problems and disorders. They can offer you guidance on issues that are affecting your mental health and wellbeing.

Certified Drug and Alcohol Counselors

Certified Drug and Alcohol Counselors have been trained in helping you manage your addiction issues. See our Addiction Counseling page for more details.