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Marshalltown couples counseling

Whether you are a new couple with commitment issues or one needing pre-marital counseling, or a longer term couple, our trained counselors will be able to help you.

They can help you learn how to communicate better. And they can help resolve disputes and reduce the need for bickering and arguments.

Learn how to love without becoming too dependent on your partner.

Similar issues are dealt with in marriage counseling

Our counselors can help maintain or restore the trust in your relationship. Sometimes one partner may feel they don’t have equal power and control. Or there can be jealousy or infidelity issues that need to be resolved.

Our counselors can also help you with parenting issues such as how to discipline children. They can provide guidance when there are in-law or step-family challenges.

Many couples have sexual and intimacy difficulties, that can benefit from counseling.

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Pre-marital counseling

Taking that step of commiting to a marriage can be difficult for some people. It can help to talk through your fears and apprehension with a therapist.

You can also learn how to establish some good ground rules on which to base your future life together. This can make the transition into marrige easier as you will feel more confident going forward about your ability to communicate fully and resolve issues before they develop.

Learn more about couple relationships

This video is by Dr. Scott Terry the clinical director of Ardent Community Wellness Center. It discusses how to improve your relationship.

Divorce counseling and mediation

Sometimes it can be too late to save a relationship. But it can still be useful to have a counselor become involved so that both parties can discuss issues in a calm manner so that the best outcomes can be gained for all concerned. This is of particular importance if children are involved as it will still be necessary for you to communicate in order to raise the children. A therapist can also help lessen the stress that divorce so often causes.