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Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) can sometimes occur in a particularly severe form, known as complex post-traumatic stress disorder. In both forms of PTSD, patients suffer from an over-activation of the memories of traumatic events — in the form of images, smells, and sounds. In complex PTSD, patients also undergo personality changes and have difficulties with […]

counseling for children

It isn’t easy raising children and being a parent. They are subject to so many influences. For example, other children at school, the music they listen to and things they watch on TV can make them think they have to behave badly or in inappropriate ways. It can feel like the good child you raised […]

depression image - marbles

We all feel depressed from time to time for different reasons. Sometimes it can be just a mild feeling of sadness, what people commonly call “the blues.”  Some people feel depressed at different times of year, such as is the case during the winter when there are lots of grey days without direct sunlight, as […]

Water unified like coupe unity

Developing harmony and long-term balance in a relationship is key to its success. Factors such as lack of communication, money, disputes over the allocation of household duties often hurt relationships. Couples counseling can help open the channels of communication between you so that you can better understand your changing relationship. The expectations you put on […]