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Relationship advice: Developing unity

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Developing harmony and long-term balance in a relationship is key to its success. Factors such as lack of communication, money, disputes over the allocation of household duties often hurt relationships. Couples counseling can help open the channels of communication between you so that you can better understand your changing relationship.

The expectations you put on your partner often affect the relationship. It is important to realize that happiness doesn’t come from your partner – happiness comes from yourself. And when you find some peace within yourself – you can then learn to live with someone else.

If you don’t feel good yourself, you are always going to find an issue with your partner or you will blame them. They are never going to live up to your expectations.

Sometimes it’s hard to be tolerant of someone’s success or lack of success, fading physical appearance, personal problems, health issues, loss or change or whatever. Some things are your partner’s issues and you need to learn tolerance of another person’s issues.

However, sometimes a personal issue like a health problem or a mental health concern can affect the relationship not just the individual. And of course, sexual issues affect the relationship and need to be dealt with.

Marriage problems and relationship problems

We all seek connection. It is a natural drive in life. But sometimes we get lost in the relationship to the point where we forget our own selves, our own goals and desires in life.

Just like in all aspects of our life, we have to find balance in our relationships too. We have to develop ourselves and help each other to achieve our own goals. But that is not to say that as a couple, that we can’t also have joint goals. We also have to develop the “us” in the relationship. Sometimes we need to learn how to “be loving”.

Love and relationships are not the same. You can love someone but not be meant to be with them. Or you can have a great relationship but not love one another. But if you could learn how to create both love and a relationship then you could learn how to be together and to create what it is you want to create.

How do you incorporate someone in your life? What is the purpose of your relationship? These are the sort of questions we help you work through as couple. We help you find peace after the drama and confusion in the relationship, and find a better way to create something really fantastic with your partner.